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Customer Reviews
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Game changer

I’m 58, started seeing Olof two years ago and it has changed my life. I run four miles daily, have a short recovery cycle and feel better, stronger, more flexible and healthier than I’ve felt in years. I thought I could never feel this good again.
- Charlie Chasin, Larchmont N.Y.

Some pain for lots of gain!

A different way to prevent injuries or heal them after they’ve occurred! It may hurt a bit while there, but you’ll feel much better after.
- Rob Casper

MTR works!!

I’ve been working on various sport-related injuries with Olof for about five years now. I’m 56 and very active and want to stay that way, but if it weren’t for Olof I’m not sure if it would be possible! He has helped me rehab a badly ruptured disc in my lower back, a labrum tear in my left hip, two different rotator cuff injuries, and a host of other nagging aches and pains. I might add that he had done the same for my husband and a couple of our children. Seriously, he and his technique are incredibly effective!
- Sara Kaplan, Chappaqua N.Y

The best therapy there is!

Olof and his talented team are incredible! Over the past 12 years, I have trusted them to cure various muscular injuries resulting from weight lifting and a range of athletic pursuits. They have never failed. I have also avoided injury when I have the opportunity for regular maintenance treatments. There is nothing like it
- Jay Dweck, Bedford N.Y.


At 52 I consider Olof's treatments to be essential to physical longevity. Treatments are painful, but the aftereffects are amazing. My injuries range from football to motorcycle wrecks and before meeting Olof I considered much of the damage to be irreversible. Working with Olof has literally made me feel younger. My wife and two of my children are also clients.
- Steve Mettler, New Canaan CT

Amazing Results!

After working with Olof for just 10 months, the pain symptoms of my neurological muscle wasting disease vanished!! I can't recommend Olof and the team he has created enough!
- Laurel Lancaster, Katonah, NY

Herniated Discs Fixed!

I had multiple low back herniated discs from college football and competitive powerlifting. Pain became so severe, even walking became troublesome. After seeing some of the best doctors and physical therapists in the world, I was told that heavy lifting and sports were over for me....for life. Thankfully I met Olof. I was first introduced to Olof to get a knot out of my trapezius which took him about two minutes so he spent the rest of the time working on the rest of my body. I made no mention of my low back issues. After immediately feeling relief I went back to learn that my issues could be completely fixed. Skeptical of course, I was willing to give it a try since literally nothing else ever worked. After working with Olof for a few months, I am able to lift heavy again and play sports with absolutely no pain. The best part, in my opinion, is that I do not need to go back for maintenance. My low back is 100% fixed and even stronger than before. Now MTR is my first stop for any injury. I've had a torn hamstring, massive wrist pain from Olympic weightlifting, pectoral tear...all repaired in a few sessions. As the other reviews say, this is no walk in the are definitely not getting a relaxing massage but the benefits are extraordinary and I highly recommend to anyone with any injury or simply looking to improve their athletic ability.
- Justin, Bedford, NY

Great Progress

I’ve been going to Alex for about 5 months and have seen great improvement on my flexibility and range of motion and a significant reduction in nagging aches and pains. It’s not my favorite 2 hours of the week, but the other 166 (hours) are better as a result. Just do it.
- Jeff Kaufman, Larchmont

Torn ACL Repaired!!

I'm a professional fighter and have been seeing Olof for all my muscle injuries since 2010. I've never had a problem that he can't fix. After my second amateur fight I suffered a complete tear in my ACL. The knee specialist at that sports medicine department at U of M hospital told me surgery would be the only way to fully recover. I decided to do treatments with Olof instead and after just two weeks of sessions my knee was good as new again. Before Olof worked on my knee I was collapsing any time I needed to make a sudden movement or change direction quickly. Now I've had 5 more fights since then and absolutely zero trouble from my knee. I'm about to make my professional debut in June and it's all thanks to Olof. I've searched around for my whole career and have never found any healing or treatment methods as effective and safe as MTR. I encourage anyone looking into MTR as a possible solution to give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.
- Thomas Martin, Detroit MI

The Fountain of Youth

Regularly work with Olof and his team takes decades off your body. You have the ability to do things, and feel good doing them, that you did as a much younger person. I try never to miss a week, and recommend MTR to all who want to stay active and young.
- Gregory Fleming, Bedford, NY

Works Miracles

I have been working with Olof for years. I was recommended for surgery, but Olof asked me to give his treatments a chance and he cured me. That is only one example of what he has done for me over the years. I highly recommend him!!
- Maria Larramendi from Ossining

Highly Recommended

Olof has worked on my sciatica, knee and shoulder over the years. He works miracles, and has kept me away from the surgeons table. Extremely knowledgeable and highly trained.
- Gustavo Larramendi, Chappaqua

Converted Cynic

I started working with Olof based on a referral from a good friend who stated, "it's called a massage BUT it's not your typical massage. It hurts like hell BUT it works... try it once, at least for an hour, and see what you think". Ok, so I took the bait. Olof worked mainly on my left shoulder which had several tears and, in my limited medical opinion, he saved me from surgery, for which I am beyond grateful. At this point, I am 100% functional with that shoulder. Hard to believe considering I could not do much with that shoulder without feeling pain. Beyond my shoulder, Olof also worked on my foot cramps/pain and my low back. He definitely relieved some of my foot pain and my low back is stronger. I no longer live in CT and boy do I wish I could find an Olof locally... The pain is worth the long-term relief, FOR SURE!!!
- Mary Beth Janke Norwalk, CT
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